Understanding GroupWise Searches

Like other search engines, the GroupWise search engine creates an index of whole words that are contained in the items being searched. When you use Advanced Find, GroupWise uses your search criteria and attempts to match them with the words in the search index. Because Advanced Find searches for whole words, it does not locate partial words or punctuation.

Basic Find, on the other hand, recognizes consecutive characters, even if they are not whole words, as long as the characters exist in exactly the same order you enter them in the Find search box.

For example, if you are looking for an email with “Project status meeting next Tuesday” as the subject, you can search for any or all of the words in the subject in either the Find or the Advanced Find tool.

You use different search criteria to find that email in each search tool:




Advanced Find (by subject)

meeting tuesday

All items with either “meeting” or “tuesday” in the subject.


meeting tuesday

All items with the phrase “meeting tuesday” together in exactly that order in the subject.


meeting *day

All items with “meeting” followed immediately by a day of the week in the subject.

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