Sending a Phone Message

A phone message is a note you can send to notify other GroupWise users of calls they received while they were out of the office or unavailable. Phone messages are stored in the recipient’s Mailbox. You cannot answer your phone from a phone message.

  1. In your Mailbox or Calendar, click the drop-down arrow next to Mail, then click Phone.

  2. In the To field, type a user name, then press Enter. Repeat for additional users.


    To select user names from a list, click Address on the toolbar. For more information on how to use the Address Selector, see Using the Address Selector.

  3. Type the name, company, and phone number of the caller.

  4. Type the message in the message body.

    If you want, you can change the font of the message text. For information, see Changing the Font in the HTML View.

  5. Click Send on the toolbar.

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