Searching with Criteria

  1. On the main WebAccess page, click Find on the toolbar

  2. To search for specific text, select Full Text or Subject, then type what you are looking for in the field.

  3. To search for a name, select From or To/CC, then type the name in the field.

  4. Select each item type you are looking for, then select each item source you are looking for.

  5. To search for items based on the date they were created or delivered, in the Date range section, select Created or delivered between, then select the appropriate dates.

  6. To search for items that are marked with a certain category, select the category in the Item Categories section.

  7. In the Search in list box, click the folders or libraries you want to search in.

    You might need to click the plus sign next to your user folder to expand the folder structure.

    All of your folders are searched by default. To speed up your search, select only the folders you want to search.

  8. Click Find.

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