Scheduling an Appointment for Yourself

If you are not available for meetings, you can schedule a personal appointment for those times. When another user includes you in an appointment and does a busy search, the user can see that you are not available at those times, but can still schedule over your appointment.

Personal appointments are placed in your Calendar on the date you specify. They are not placed in your Mailbox or in any other user's Mailbox. Similarly, all personal appointments are saved to your main GroupWise Calendar. To move them to a personal calendar, drag and drop them to the personal calendar after they are created.

  1. On the toolbar, click the drop-down arrow next to Mail, then click Personal Appointment.


    In your Calendar, select a date, then click a time in that day.

  2. (Optional) Type a subject and a place.

  3. Specify the start date.

  4. Specify a start time and duration. Duration can be in minutes, hours, or days.

  5. Specify how you want the appointment to appear with the Show As drop-down menu. Appointments can appear as Busy, Free, Out of the Office, or Tentative.

  6. (Optional) Type a message.

  7. Click Post on the toolbar.

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