Using Busy Search to Check Availability

  1. In an appointment you are creating, specify user names and resource IDs in the To field.

  2. Specify the first possible day for the meeting in the Start Date field.

  3. Specify the meeting's duration.

  4. Click the Busy Search tab.

    You can accomplish the following tasks on the Busy Search tab:

    View which attendees have conflicting appointments: Attendees who have a conflict with the selected time are displayed with their names crossed out in the To section.

    Change the time of the appointment: Click a new time in the calendar to schedule the appointment for a different time.

    Highlight the appointments for a specific user: Click the name of the user in the To section whose appointments you want to highlight.

    Hide a user’s appointments from being displayed: Click the icon next to the user whose appointments you want to hide.

    Display all users’ appointments: Click Show Appointment to display all the appointments for each user in the To section.

    Update the calendar with current appointments: Click Update to display the current appointments for each user in the To section.

    Move to a different date on the calendar: Click the left-arrow and right-arrow icons to move to a different date on the calendar.

  5. To remove a user or resource from the list, click the Appointment tab. In the To field, click the user name or resource to remove, then press Delete.

    This is useful if you want to include several conference rooms in the search to find one that is available, then eliminate those you do not want.

  6. Complete the appointment, then click Send.

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