Adding a Contact

You can add a contact to either the Frequent Contacts address book or a personal address book.

  1. On the main WebAccess page, click Contacts on the Nav Bar.

  2. Select the address book you want to add the contact to.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to Contact on the toolbar, then click Contact.

  4. In the name fields, specify the contact’s First, Middle, and Last names.

  5. In the Display Name field, specify the name you want to use for the contact.

    Information in the Display Name field displays in the contact list.

  6. Specify any other information you want to record about the contact by clicking the following tabs:

    Summary: (This tab is available only when you modify a contact) Displays a summary of the information contained in the other pages.

    Contact: Use this page to specify the contact’s name, photo, email address, multiple phone numbers, and instant messaging ID.

    Details: Use this page to specify the contact’s profession, department, assistant, birthday, anniversary, spouse, children, hobbies, and any Internet addresses associated with the contact.

    To specify an Internet address for the contact’s office, personal, or Free/Busy information, specify the address in the appropriate fields.

    Address: Use this page to specify the contact’s office, home, and any other addresses.

    Notes: Use this page to view information about your interaction with this contact that you entered in the GroupWise Windows client. This page can function like a contact journal.

    History: (This tab is available only when modifying a contact) Displays all the items you have sent to or received from this contact.

  7. Click Save & Close.

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